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Family Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu / MMA

This class is open to Children and Adults starting at age 5.  We encourage Mothers, Fathers and other family members to participate in this class along side the children.

This program is comprised of  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA training and Jeet Kune Do concepts. This program although taught with a traditional atmosphere with belt rankings (advancement from White to Black belt) and uniforms (Gi's), uses modern concepts and training methods to develop an intelligent understanding of how to defend yourself in today's violent world.     

Students will learn stand up striking skills from Boxing, Muay Thai & Jeet Kune Do. They will learn throws, takedowns & sweeps from Jiu-Jitsu & JKD / MMA. They will learn ground & standing submissions & fighting from Jiu-Jitsu & JKD / MMA.

Traditional Martial arts weapons - Bo Staff, Nunchakus, Sais, Kamas, Batons, Bokken/Samurai Sword, etc. will be taught in this class.  You will also learn to defend yourself against various weapons threats on the street as part of your self defense training

This program is geared toward instilling respect, discipline, self confidence and self esteem. Our training will help develop coordination through balance, agility, poise and dexterity.

Parents and other family members that participate in this class will not only set a good example for the children but will also assist in their positive development.

We encourage students to maintain a high level of physical fitness and academic achievement. Through this training our young persons will learn to set goals and follow them through to a successful completion, a skill that will stay with them through their adult life.  The self image, self discipline, self confidence and self control the young persons develop today will determine the level of happiness and success he or she will experience as an adult.