JKD Kickboxing

These classes are great for the beginner who is simply looking to get into shape or for more advanced student who would like to take their training into competition!

The art of Boxing is mainly a gloved sport using footwork, defensive and evasive skills to strike (punch) your opponent into submission or knock them out.

Muay Thai Boxing comes from Thailand and combines Boxing & Kickboxing, but adds in the elements of elbow and knee strikes along with tie up control techniques.

JKD KICKBOXING  was originally developed by the late Bruce Lee, and is a combination of Boxing, Muay Thai, Wing Chun & Chinese Boxing.

This art is great to develop mental toughness, co-ordination, cardio, strength, speed, timing and overall body conditioning.  Classes are also fun and challenging and of course great for self defense as well as providing solid stress relief.


Are you ready to kick your training into high gear? 


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