Jeet Kune Do / Kali / Silat Street Self-Defense Program

Our street self-defense program will help you develop physical conditioning, fitness, and flexibility. You will improve your reaction time through constant repetition of the self-defense movements so that you are better prepared to defend yourself during a physical confrontation.

The self-defense class will teach you striking skills, footwork and body movement. You will learn various grappling techniques, escapes from various holds, joint locking, pressure points and control techniques as well as defense against weapons such as the knife, gun, club, etc.

This program blends practical proven self-defense techniques from martial arts such as Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Arts (KALI - Eskrima), Indonesian Silat Arts (Maphilindo, Mande Muda, Bukti Negara, Kuntao, etc.), Jiu-Jitsu & other Martial Arts.

In today’s society the dangers of crime and violence that is perpetrated against men, women and children has greatly increased. Your safety and well being is your personal responsibility. In order to successfully defend yourself, you need awareness, knowledge, and the proper reactions to be spontaneous. The self defense techniques that you will learn in our classes have proven to be effective and practical for street situations. Through regular training you will develop the confidence in and the ability to successfully defend yourself and loved ones.