Diving Charter Key West

Diving Charter Key West

Not sure what to do with the few days left from your vacation and looking for a diving charter in Key West? You should clearly give us a call at YKnot Charters and get your trip booked today!

What is the difference between scuba diving and deep-sea diving?

Deep diving is a type of scuba diving when the diver goes beyond 60 feet depth. A diver certification will indicate how deep he or she is prepared to go safely. For example, a PADI Advanced Open Diver is certified to go up to 100 feet while an Advanced Diver can reach safely 130 feet.

For recreational diving in the Keys, we will go on safe depths but deep enough to see some of the best places. Our dive masters will be with you to ensure that you will create lovely memories to share with your friends back home.

Myths about scuba diving

It is a sport only for people living in the tropics – booking your experience with a diving charter in Key West is now easier than ever. You just have to go online or to give us a call, and you are already half of the way to being a scuba diver.

  • Diving is only for good swimmers – the truth is the fitter you are the easier will be for you to get comfortable while diving. Swimming skills will help but are not a complete must since we are going to teach you all you need to know.
  • Snorkeling is as good as diving – when snorkeling, you will get a view from above but while scuba diving you will be fully immersed in the marine life.
  • Diving makes ears hurt – this may be true if you do not equalize the pressure when descending. Our dive masters will take all precautions to avoid this unpleasant feeling.
  • Diving is a sport only for a man – again, this is just a myth and easy to argue with since we have a mixed team of PADI divers and instructors.
  • I have to buy expensive equipment to learn – to start your classes you will need only an inexpensive mask, a pair of fins, and a snorkel. During your diving trip we will provide you all the required equipment including those mentioned before, so do not worry!
  • Diving is a sport for older people – well, we can argue on this a lot. Scuba diving is an adrenaline-pumped sport for all ages and it’s a fantastic way of spending your free time, enjoying a rather unseen face of nature. You should book your diving charter in Key West today to see the difference.

What are the basics of scuba diving?

Our PADI instructor will teach you the basics that include buoyancy, the controlled descents, and the emergency ascents, mask clearing, and hand signals. By getting acquainted with this means that you are ready for your first jump.

If you want an exceptional diving experience book it today with YKnot Charters. We are ready to make your vacation great no matter when you are planning it.

Diving Charter Key West

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